Ranking Up As a PRO

Ready to Heighten Your Game?

Tired of Playing Against Superior Players?

You're struggling in your League of Legends games and want to get better. You've tried other methods and programs, but none have worked. You're sick of watching videos, reading articles, and trying to become a better player on your own.

You're ready to leave your ELO but you don't know how. That's why you are here to help find a way out. Then let's get started.


Want to Play like the Pros?

Barzin coaches LoL players. With over two decades of experience in the esports industry, Barzin has mastered all aspects of coaching both in-person and online. With a focus on making the game easy to learn for all players, he has helped teams and solo players become more involved. Providing training and technical support.

lol game coaching

lol game coaching

league of legends game coaching

Not just a Revolution, it's a Growth



Book a session with Barzin.

League of Legends Game Coaching


Barzin will teach you the fundamentals of League and advanced mechanics that you can use.



Rank up fast and be more successful in the game.

league of legends game coaching

League Coaching is The Answer!

Barzin provides one-onone or group coaching. This is the best way to improve your skills, and we guarantee it. Coaching is available in English and Persian.

Hire Barzin and have a professional team ready to compete in the next game.

lol game coaching


Why Should I Hire Barzin as My League of Legends Coach?

Barzin will make the game easy for you to rank up. He has been playing League of Legends for more than 7 years, and Barzin has ranked up to GrandMaster. He is a player-coach who is good at both teaching and playing.

Can I Get Coached if I'm a Beginner?

Barzin coaches both beginners and advanced elo players alike. He is happy to help anyone and everyone learn how to play League. He feels that when you're still at the beginning of the game, you can focus more on the fundamentals, which is a big advantage to you later on.

Do I Need League of Legends Training?

Are you willing to go pro, or to reach your dream rank? Maybe you're just wanting to get better at the game. Whatever the case may be, our League of Legends trainers are here to take you to the next level. Never forget that there is always something new to learn, I take coaching lessons myself from different coaches weekly.

Is Improvement Guaranteed?

All of our coaching clients have improved. It is important to note that your improvement speed is based on the number of lessons and the time it takes for you to implement the strategies gained. If you haven't improved or ranked up after 5 hours, you can request a free lesson. That's our improvement guarantee!

What's Your Game Coaching Experience?

Barzin is a professional player from the server of the European West and Nothic East League of Legends. He has experience helping players improve their games, and a passion for the game. He can easily identify why someone would want to hire him. Barzin is able to teach players at (all) skill levels and provide them with guidance on techniques that will improve their ability to win games.

Can We Record Our Coaching Sessions?

Yes, sessions are recorded from our end.

lol game coaching

league of legends game coaching

Barzin Team League of Legends Coach

league of legends coaching