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My Story

Dear Fellow LOLer,

My name is Barzin and I spent nearly a decade playing and coaching League of legends. I am someone who has played competitively at some of the highest levels and who just enjoys the game for fun. At the beginning of my journey, I spent countless hours playing League trying every strategy in the book to win games and rank up fast, only to throw games because of small mistakes. The beginning of my league journey was one of the most frustrating times in my career as a gamer. It honestly felt like I was banging my head into a brick wall. I considered quitting the game many times over. Things just felt stagnant, no matter how much I played or what I tried. What kept me in the game, despite my constant frustrations, were those one or two rare instances where things seemed to click, and I would enter THE ZONE. Ah, the Zone....the sweet sweet zone. In the Zone, the game became easy. I would find ways to make momentum-swinging plays out of nowhere. Winning became the norm and the game ACTUALLY started to be fun. However, the zone always seemed to disappear after an out-of-this-world performance, and I would go back to my losing ways. After one more tilting loss, I decided to finally take a step back, stop playing, and study the game as if my career depended on it on. It did. After my time the deep study, I ranked up within my first week back. My results only skyrocketed from there. Today, it only takes me and my students about 10 or fewer games to rank up compared to my average of 50+ games when I first started. Since then I have reached the rank of a Grandmaster. However, the best part of this whole journey is that, now, The zone has become a regular occurrence in my gameplay and I am able to help other players like yourself reach this state in their own gameplay. I wait in the pre-game lobby with ease...every time... because I am actually enjoying the game. My goal as your coach is to provide you with the guidance I wished had at the time, to save you the countless heartaches and frustrations of near victories and hopeless losses. To implant the knowledge, I spent countless hours of studying and gameplay to acquire, into your brain. So you can have the peak gameplay experience you signed up for.



Tired of Finishing Games Tilted?

If you have consumed all the videos, tried all the tactics, and studied all the tricks but still can’t seem to put on game-winning performances then it may be time to get coaching. Having coached multiple teams and solo players to peak LOL performances, Barzin has mastered the ins and outs of coaching both online and in person. With Barzin’s coaching, you will get a curriculum custom-tailored to your specific in-game need with an entire training routine to sharpen every aspect of your gameplay, from technical to mental, helping you earn that 55%+ win rate. Barzin’s style of coaching has the unique ability to slash your learning curve in half, equipping you with the fastest roadmap to blast past your current ELO and take your skills to the next level. Perform to the best of your capability and never finish a game tilted... ever again.

lol game coaching

The Total Coaching Package

Racking up over a decade of specialized LOL knowledge in the Esports industry, Barzin has played with, against, coached, and mentored players of all levels, skill sets, temperaments, positions, and champions. No matter your sticking points or ceilings, Barzin has seen it all and is able to provide you with a comprehensive solution to blast past them. Some foundations of what you will learn via coaching with Barzin are:

➔ Roaming: You will develop an intuitive feel for switching lanes, picking the right lane at the right time to gain the shutdown, assisting allies in winning the laning phase, and opening the map.

➔ Warding: You will come out of coaching with extensive knowledge of where to place wards in different situations. You will develop a mastery of surviving ganks through Strategic placement of visions.

➔ Items+Runes: How to optimize your item and rune selection based on a variety of matches and which items and runes will add to the probability of you winning the match.

➔ Combo Pick: Pick the champion that will synergize with that of your teams, so your team play will run smooth like a well-oiled machine.

➔ Counter Pick: Pick the Champion that will stifle your opponent's champion. Capitalize on enemy mistakes and win your lane in an easy fashion.

➔ Enemy Jungler Annihilation Masterclass: Shock and embarrass the enemy jungle as you counter ganks ferociously and roam with utmost efficiency. After coaching, you will make high-probability jungle location predictions with pinpoint accuracy.

➔ Peak Performance Mindset: The best mindsets, mantras, and mental practices to start inducing the zone and make peak performance a regular. Surpass your last performance consistently, and continuously put all you have learned together.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! Much more expert secrets to be learned.

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The Barzin Promise

As someone who loves to teach the game as much as playing, I take special pride when I see one of my students succeed. At the end of the day, the responsibility is on your shoulders to go out and apply the lessons learned through in-game application. Real life, in game, experience is where the magic happens. However, I also understand that the game comes to people at different speeds. That is why I want to offer you my risk free promise.

If your rank remains the same after 5 hours of coaching, I will give you one FREE session to work out the kinks.

The system and curriculum I teach is the exact system that I used to transform me from a noob to the rank of a grandmaster and help countless other players reach their gameplay goals. These principles work. You will reach new heights whether you are a beginner or a diamond ranked player. That is my promise to you!

league of legends game coaching

lol game coaching

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I hire Barzin as my LOL coach?

Barzin has nearly a decade of league of legends experience. Having mastered both teaching the game and playing the game, Barzin embodies what he teaches. Having achieved the rank of grandmaster, Barzin’s coaching comes from thousands of hours of direct-in game experience. He will be able to teach you complex concepts and strategies in a simple easy to apply manner, guaranteed to shorten your learning curve and make ranking up a thing of ease.

Can Beginners Get Coaching?

There is actually an advantage to being a beginner player. You are a blank state, void of hard-wedged bad habits. You will have the luxury of mastering the FUNDAMENTALS, building the ROCK SOLID foundation that will pay dividends down the line as you become more competitive.

Do I need League of Legends Coaching?

Are you willing to go No matter what stage you are in your league of legends journey there is always room for improvement? From fresh out-the-gate newbies to advanced ELO players, you can gain new insights that take you to the next level.

If you are brand new to the game, you will have the best foundational practices to avoid any mistakes that other players commonly make, giving you the quickest path to rank up and become competitive.

If you are a more advanced player, you know that a 1% of improvement makes a big difference in the outcome of your gameplay. Having coached countless advanced students, Barzin has the unique and extensive knowledge base of expert tactics that will give you a slight edge over other high-ranked, competitive get that margin of victory or to reach your dream rank? Maybe you're just wanting to get better at the game. Whatever the case may be, our League of Legends trainers is here to take you to the next level. Never forget that there is always something new to learn, I take coaching lessons myself from different coaches weekly.

What If I Don’t Improve?

Barzin offers an improvement guaranteed promise. At the end of the day, it is still up to you to implement what lessons learned through coaching. However, if after 5 hours of coaching you still do not rank up, you can request a free session with Barzin. In this session Barzin will hand hold you through the implementation process, to make sure that you gain the unconscious competence that comes with mastery. These new insights will become automatic. Guaranteed.

What's Barzin’s Game Coaching Experience?

Barzin is a professional League of Legends player from the Nordic East and European West servers. He has coached players of all calibers, helping them improve their game and rank up at exponential speeds. All of Barzin’s coaching clients have ranked up and improved.

Are Sessions Recorded?

Yes, all sessions are recorded so they can be studied and reviewed.

league of legends coaching

lol game coaching

Barzin Team League of Legends Coach