League of Legends Strategy Guide for Top Lane Domination

Those new players learning the game of top lane must be well aware of the special roles in this position. This Leagues Top Lane article covers the fundamental rules of the top lane strategy and explains role playing Summoners and how to stay alive by applying pressure on lane opponent.


The top lane is the most important lane out of the three lanes in League of Legends. It has a lot of responsibility, as it needs to be able to deal with both enemies that are in the lane and those that are coming from the jungle. It's a learning phase where you can dominate your lane opponent and get ahead in gold and experience. This guide is going to go over some tips for playing top lane and how to dominate your lane opponent.

An Essential Top Lane Guide for League of Legends with Dignitas QNTMPAY FakeGod

This Essential guide will explain just a little about Top Lane. We thank FakeGod very much for the help in mastering the top and we are so grateful for that!

How To Play Top Lane In League of Legends - Hotspawn

Top Lane is often considered an island due to its combination of long-lane side lane & single-lane traffic. It's the closest one-v-1 match to a match-built League of Legends game. What you need is all the information you need for the best chance of playing the game on this island. How can we earn Riot Points? This loyalty program runs on your PC during the League of Legends games. If we play more Buff Coins, we get more rewards. This is useful for gift cards, games or anything. Buff has a 100% free version which makes it possible for anyone who wants to use this tool for the most part.

Champion Select

The top is an extremely long track and it is impossible for anyone to ally with. This makes top laners usually tanks or high-damage champs who use the longer lane in an attempt to destroy their lane opponent. The -1v1 nature of the top means the player option is even better in the competition. Unlike the rune, a champ-type caster is the summoner's spell that carries out the top laner. Some split-pushers will use Ignite to eliminate pressure, but most top lasers will use Flash or Teleport. Teleport enables you to return faster after recalls or for playing maps with your teams. Images from Riot Games.

Correct champion selection is vital

You know that for the rest of the season, the selection of the champion is likely influenced by how it ends. This is important because most often your opponent will be in 1v1 with you v. your opponent. Consequently, it is extremely vital for us to have someone who can be an outmanoeuvre for our enemies. Unlike other champ, summoner spells are mostly identical to those used by champions in Top with little variation. We have previously said Teleports is the most frequently referred spell for laners. However, some champions don't always have Flash as often.

The Importance of Understanding Your Champs Killing Role

Top lane is one of the most important roles in the game. It's a 1v1 lane, meaning that you're responsible for both defending your own turret and trying to force down the enemy's turret.

Let’s go over some of the best all-around champs for top lane, some quick tips for being a good top laner, and some standard combos. We'll also go over a few champs who are good against certain types of champions but not so great against others.

Best All-Around Top Laners

Orn. Jayce, Camelia, Sheen, Rumble, and Fiora are all very powerful top laners who excel at pushing the lane into their opponent’s tower. One of each of these champs is a must in most teams' compositions. These champs are also all good counter picks but they're not just good because they can dominate laning phase. They are able to dominate certain lanes because of their strong roaming and counter gank.

In League of Legends, there are five different positions

Top Lane (1), Mid Lane (2), Bot Lane (3), Jungle (4) and Support (5)

There are also six different roles

Assassin (A), Fighter (F), Mage (M), Marksman/ADC(D) , Support(S) and Tank(T)

Some Standard Combos

Understanding your champ's killing role is important for any player. The type of champion you play will dictate how you should play the lane.

The difference between freezing and pushing lane

Freezing in a road consists of allowing enemies' waves of minions to form in order to only last hit the minions and not damage their enemies before attempting. You must take the steps outside your tower zone and keep the enemies wave there until the next minion waves come in and repeat the process. Freezing a wave can work great for enemies who are unable to get up to their bases. This means you don't have your opponent able to take a last hit against them on your comrades. Likewise, pushing or throwing a minion wave means destroying enemies as quickly as is practicable. You can now drop an enemy missile onto your enemy gun.


Knowing how far an opponent will have an attack zone is essential to a top lane damage trader. The larger the gap in the auto attack range, the easier a champion who has a longer range gets at attacks. The obvious difference between melee and distance matches is the total difference between the two types of melee. Auto attacks don't make a lot of difference. Champions spells are required to include the range cooldowns and passing through minions as well as the cooldown. The same ranges apply to an automatic attack. Long-distance spells are easier to harass a rival because it doesn’t require much distance.


The player should consider the Spell Cooldown. Try trading during the cooldown of a spell and the enemy is not advisable. Then the same happens when you want damage trading. Enemy spells which cannot be passed to minions can be avoided if you sit behind your own minions. For landing this spell try using these skills as the enemy minion dies before the enemy champion. However the Trading Pattern is important. Make it clear how many minions you'll kill in one lane. Sacrificing a minion's kill in a battle against an enemy can be worthwhile, however you need to get as many small-game killings as possible.

Where to Wardrobe?

Due to its nature, top lane protection must be taken priority for safety. Immediately before the game begins to play you must put the Warding Totem into the game. Then a jng fighter is normally a red buff and can be ganked if needed. You must guard a brush underneath the roadway. - either a trif-brush for blue or a river brush for red sides. You should always buy vision glasses as soon as you can afford them. In the laning phase, it is common for vision wards to be closer to their own tower, so you have a river brush on the blue side and a tri-brush on the red side.


If you want to trade it should be important for you to check the minnow waves in advance before doing so. While it may sound harmless, minion damage increases quickly if he focuses on you and when you destroy enemies. Getting bigger enemies is good for you, and bigger enemies can be thinned before they engage. Trade should not be a simple decision. The decision between freezing and pushing waves can affect your success on the planet as well.

Warding Totem vs Oracle Lens

While others on the team may switch the Warding Totem to Oracle lenses and the Farsight Alterations, the highest-level laner usually retains a Warding Totem. This happens because top laners are usually either tanked or split-pushers with great eye-catching skills. Images from Riot Games.

Learn how to properly trade in the Lane

Since you'll spend much of your time there on this ruined spot called the top road, it is necessary for you to learn how to win an advantage over the enemy top laner. This is accomplished in trading and involves dealing little damage and causing maximum damage to the enemy. At the very beginning, big importance is placed on the character of the champion. Often champions are more effective at damage than melee ones. However, there is also a significant role for skills: most champions with varying capabilities can easily swap between different lane positions.

Top Lane Champion Types

Top Lane champions generally have various roles and each shares the capacity for self-sufficiency and to maintain self during the lanting stage with little assistance from Junglers. Like all roles, crossovers will occur but are usually classified according to the following categories: Many Champions are deemed unsuitable in Top Lane because they have difficulty soloing efficiently at the landing stage. The ability to self-protect yourself is essential in a high-level locker because being bullied out of your lane can seriously affect your ability to perform.

Fundamentals of Top Lane

We have the Champion classes removed and there are plenty of choices of styles and tastes to choose from, so get your opinions from a gameplay point of view on who your favourites are. We will transition to the Fundamental Area of Top Lane. Your successes here will be heavily determined by what you want as the Champion. Basically Top has a strong foundation in wave management and the ability to differentiate between weaker sides. Especially at low ELOs wave management and the jungled timing are the priority. As you climb, learning to play TP is important.

Wave Management

FakeGod's fundamental foundation for its first project is wave management. This is incredibly important. Again, let me use 'Tops Isolation' to determine what best strategy can lead to your game. Let me show some advice - this is not always at Level 2. It's better to win through agriculture. The zoning is important to many of these waves as they can be seen in multiple states and you will need to apply zoning to lanes to find if the wave is starting. 2. Rapid Push Wave - The first wave state is the most easily understood - the fast Push wave is.

Weak Versus Strong

These terms get thrown in tons during pro-scenes casts. Often the name confuses the player only. Also, before we move forward, we should define our weaker side and our stronger side. This term changes as your game progresses because the team is on either of the maps. In situations in which you have a weak side, you can be located on a side of the map with fewer friends. That makes your job harder to do as a driver when a vehicle pulls you down a ramp and you try to move.

Map control League of Legends

Gaining Ahead of Enemy Laner Teams by Utilizing Map Control

Map control is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends that applies to both teams, as it is related to victory or defeat. Map control is a term in the game League of Legends that refers to how much territory a team has relative to their opponents. It can be achieved by controlling objectives and by maintaining presence or vision. 

Why is it important?

Controlling objectives and jng monsters are ways to establish a presence. Ganking the enemy jungler is also a way to gain an advantage in presence. The team with the most control will typically win the game. Vision points are also a key element to success.

How can Control be ranged?

Map Control can be achieved by controlling objectives and by maintaining a presence. A team who controls more objectives than their opponents will have an advantage over them, but this does not mean that they have more map control than them. Control also relies on maintaining vision across the entire frame, which includes warding and clearing wards from your opponent's side of the frame too.

Jungler Ganking

The jungler ganking on lane is one way of achieving map control against an enemy team because it forces them to lose valuable time, which reduces their ability to maintain vision and defend against other lanes being ganked as well as creating opportunities for the jungler to acquire kills and objectives. The jng is a dangerous place to be if an enemy jungler is nearby, so if you need to retreat, it's important that you communicate with your team so they know not to follow you into the jng.

Playing the Lane

The same as mid laners, a top laner player spends their Lending Phase fighting in one-against-one matches (please see the complete mid lane guide). However, the mid lane generally sees a much more active Jungle (jng) presence than the Top mainly due to its position on the map facilitating the greater active activity. The jng is more enthralled with mid-game as the snowballing of a road may increase map pressure in some areas of the map. For the Top Lane, it's harder, because your situation makes creating this impact impossible.

The Top Lane classes and subclasses

Historically speaking, the three major categories for Top Lane were tanks separated into Vanguard / Warden. Fighter, separated into diver/juggernaut. Slayers were separated by Assassins and skirmishes. It's not uncommon to see strange meta changes in which mages, enchanters and mark men are brought back to the top. Again it's a matter of being isolated on the road, therefore there may be ‘untraditional’ picks on this route. We can focus mainly on the cores but we will break down each into a quick TL; DR.

Fighters - Divers and Juggernauts

Fighters are melee Champions who aim to go through fights and do a lot of damage. Although they are no longer as defensive as Tanks, they do soak some attention into synergistic effects with battle regen mechanics like Life steal and Omnivamp. They also work in synergy with Keystones. Combine their battlefield healing with their typical short-range and dynamic mobility benefits and Fighters will seem quite tanky when needed. Natural synergy with extended fighting techniques makes it easy to compete against tanks that don't have the damage to effectively fight them in long battles.

Tanks - Vanguard and Wardens

Tank is a large melee champion and they are excellent at disrupting and getting attention from enemies. Tanks often have higher base resistance than most classes but they offer another easy-to-access defensive CD that increases defensive ability instantly. Tank-handling burstings are really well suited to mages and Assassins. However, their designs cause it to slow down during longer battles allowing them to defeat DPS-focused defenders and marksmen. In the 1v 1, setting tanking is one choice for Top because of the isolated nature of its lane.

Slayers - Assassins and Skirmishers

Our next class is Slayer. Slayers differ from Mid to jng in terms of the Champions' preference for them. Assassins usually prefer jng rather than Mid because they are able to move around freely and want influence over the maps as a whole. Skirmishers will be your split-pushing champion. They love to be on the sideline and outplay enemies before destroying their towers. We'll focus on skirmishers because it's commonplace. Skirmishers are strong side-lanching champions that provide strong sustained DPS that can defeat both Juggernaut and Assassin.

Summoner Spell Usage

As we mentioned previously, the most common summoner spells in a learner's ranks are Flash and Ignite or Flash and Teleport. Flash is one of the more flexible spells which is useful for both offences as well as defence in the lane. Use Flash to secure death or prevent death if necessary.


Teleports are used by high laners as the main tool. It helps you get in your lane much quicker than walking. The tool will allow you to avoid losing experience or gold on the minion wave. It is particularly helpful when it's not possible to move faster later on. This helps a lot in situations where you need a recall at an inappropriate time. Another use for Teleport is playing on maps. It makes it easier for tanks and champions to take part in skirmishes. Even split-pushers taking Teleport have the capability of cleaning out a fighting fight. Teleports are usually used by the enemy.


Ignite is recommended when you are trading with a full team. If a soldier is fighting unless he is dead, you'll survive. Ignite can not be used for regular damage trades because it has a long cool-down. The most efficient way is by creating additional damage that will surprise the enemies and reduce the healing time of the wounded person.

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The Influence Of Scaling on Champion Selection for Top Lane 

Scaling is a process that can be used to increase the power and influence of a champ. This is accomplished by accumulating experience points and gaining levels. The scaling process can be applied to any champ in League of Legends and has been used as a strategic mechanic in the game. There are two types of scaling: linear and exponential.

Linear & Exponential scaling

Linear scaling allows champs to reach their maximum potential at level 18, while exponential scaling allows champs to reach their maximum potential at level 6. Champions will have different abilities depending on which type of scaling they use, but we will focus on the decision tree when playing from ahead or from behind.

When playing from ahead, champs should choose more aggressive abilities that scale linearly because it will allow them to snowball an advantage over their opponent if they are able to maintain control over the map for long enough (the first team to destroy two towers wins).

When playing from behind, champs should choose defensive abilities that scale exponentially because it will allow them to survive and fight back in the event they are able to turn the game around (the first team to destroy two towers wins) TL;DR: When ahead, champs should choose aggressive abilities. When behind, champs should choose defensive abilities.

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What are the steps to Dominate?

  1. A common way for people to get started in solo laning is by mastering the matchups. Learn how matchups affect laning and how to find your best lane before heading up to the point of contact.

  2. Once you know what champs work well together, it's important to learn how they work with even more players on a team - attacking behaviour and defence behaviour.

  3. Learn how to find an enemy champ and plan your attack by watching their mechanics, understanding what they do, and planning your counter accordingly.

  4. Learn how to find your team and plan with them, knowing what each champ does in relation to their teammates.

  5. Practice with the champions you plan to play in real games, understanding what their strengths are and how they interact with others on your team.

  6. Learn how to practice intelligently and not burn yourself out by practising at higher levels of difficulty than your ability level allows for.

Play League of Legends as a Pro

The LOL world is evolving, with new skills and techniques being introduced all the time. If you want to take your game to the next level, there are a variety of ways you can do so. Whether it be climbing the ranks in your league or competing in professional tournaments, these tips will help you become a better player. Learn more with Barzin to become a better player.

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