Esports Trophy: The Perfect Reward After an Intense Victory

Excelin’ in the Game

Tiffany & Co. has unveiled plans to produce the League of Legends World Champion trophy, and has partnered with the tournament’s owner, Riot Games, to do so.

Tiffany & Co. releases a unique trophy for the Summoner’s Cup

The jeweler will release the trophy’s specifications on August 29th, and says it will take about 277 hours to craft. The trophy weighs 44 pounds and stands at 27 inches tall. Like other Tiffany trophies (including ones produced for this month‘s US Open), the League of Legends trophy was made by artisans at the jeweler’s powerhouse in Cumberland, RI. The League of Legends Trophy took more than 277 hours of labor to make.

Next League of Legends World Championship

The 2022 World Championship of the League of Legends will kick off on September 29 in Mexico City and will culminate on November 5 in San Francisco.